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Deer Extract Equipment: Harness, Drags - BushWear

Once you have successfully taking down your prey, BushWear and our tough deer extract equipment can help you get the animal off the ground and back to your home with ease.

Getting your deer off the hill or out of the woods and into the back of the car isn’t always the easiest job; hence why we offer a large array of deer extraction products that will make life just that little bit easier.

We have several options for extracting deer in our huge range below, including roe sacks, roe slings, deer drag harness equipment and full body harnesses.

When you get back to the car, you obviously don’t want to get it covered in blood. So be sure to fit one of our carcass trays into your vehicle – they are designed to slot into any boot without any fuss.

Then there is our larder and food preparation units, which you should invest in so that mess can be kept to a minimum once you bring your prey home.

Shop from our brilliant selection of deer extract equipment online without delay.



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