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FoxPro Wildfire Digital Caller

FoxPro Wildfire Digital Caller

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Product Overview
  • Comes with 35 high quality sounds.
  • Weighs only 680g & offers maximum portability with extreme volume and sound.
  • Main unit requires 4xAA batteries. The remote operates on 1 9v battery.

Allows you to get the sound away from your location. This entices those incoming animals to keep their main focus on the call and not you. The Wildfire from FoxPro comes as standard with 35 high quality UK calls and can store up to 200 calls. Weighing only 680g with batteries, this unit offers maximum portability with extreme volume and sound quality. Connect an external speaker to the jack on the side of the unit for even more volume.

Comes with a TX-9 remote which features two custom pre-set buttons that provide quick, one button access to your favourite sound and volume level. The TX-9 remote features a graphic backlit screen which shows your sound list, volume, battery level and call timer.

Main unit requires 4 AA batteries, the remote operates on 1 9v battery. Batteries not included.
FoxPro Wildfire
Mark - West Midlands | 24/01/2014
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Great electronic caller, very realistic sound reproduction and a good variety of UK relevant calls. The vixen bark and pheasant distress are two favourites. Not as loud as some callers (get the next FoxPro model up if you need really loud) but more than enough for my needs, easily gets out over a mile or more. Really pleased with the product quality and functions, highly recommended. Great service from BushWear, ordered at lunchtime and received it the next morning!

Essential to any professional huntsman
Christian Evans (Safari Hunting UK) | 16/01/2014
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The FOXPRO Wildfire is a fantastic and essential piece of equipment to any keen or professional huntsman, we run a company that specialises in pest control and we use a wide range of equipment when out in the field, for the past couple of years we have been using the Best Fox Call and other manual methods of squeaking and this electronic caller allows for a much wider range of sounds to cover most sounds you will need in the UK. Every hunter and Gamekeeper should use one, it also allows for a wide variety of uses from holding a fox in one place with a vixen call when you on your vehicle and the fox's are getting use to the lamp, or even calling one out into an open field when you sat in a high seat. It is expensive however you cannot put a price on perfection, and for those of you who may need a little more sound there is an extra speaker that can be attached.

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