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Innovation inspired by experience
The huge challenges posed by hunting in the mountains and long range hunting in particular leave no room for compromise. Thanks simply to razor sharp images combined with highly accurate range and angle measurements you can achieve an accurately placed shot every time. The new EL Range the successor to the model first presented in 2011 offers a perfectly harmonized package comprising proven optics and measurement features as well as a host of enhancements in terms of design ergonomics and functionality.

Design and functionality in even closer harmony
When you use a product every day you can actually see how it works. For this reason SWAROVSKI OPTIK has developed the new FieldPro package which takes user friendliness to a new level.
The new rotating strap connector with a cord adapts perfectly to any movement. The bayonet catch enables you to fit and switch the carrying strap and accessories very quickly and flexibly. With a simple turn of the practical quick catch button you can rapidly and silently adjust the carrying strap to the right length.
You can easily feel and accurately operate the new distinctive measurement button even when wearing gloves. Its redefined pressure point helps you measure the range accurately.
The objective lens and eyepiece covers blend esthetically into the overall design and are also securely attached to the binoculars.

Perfect ergonomic design means comfortable use
Taking accurate measurements at long distances requires the utmost steadiness. This is why EL Range binoculars are particularly light and have a perfectly balanced weight. At 880 g 10x42 and 895 g 8x42 respectively they are the lightest in their class. Rounded fins and additional thumb depressions make the new EL Range binoculars even easier to use ensuring maximum steadiness when holding them and taking measurements and allowing you to observe for a longer period without getting tired.

Proven optics allowing you to observe every detail
The sophisticated EL Range binoculars with their integrated range and angle finder provide a large field of view 8x42 137 m / 10x42 110 m and impressive transmission values 91 in both barrels. High image quality neutral color and the reduction of scattered light are guaranteed as well as bright high contrast images and the best detail recognition in any situation. When you use them the EL Range binoculars provide you with a better overview and give you more time to focus on what really matters.
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