Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50

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The Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50 thermal binoculars provide an enhanced viewing experience when spotting wildlife at night whether thermal foxing or deer stalking by day with the added benefit of a high performance thermal laser rangefinder for accurate range finding up to 1000m.
The dual eyepiece on Pulsar Accolade LRF reduces eye fatigue during longer viewing and enhances the natural look of objects twinned with a 640x480 thermal core providing a detection range of up to 1800m and with advanced features the Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50 Thermal binoculars delivers market leading image quality.
With a 640x480 thermal core the user can view objects with increased detail and definition allowing small animals and quarry to be clearly defined against backdrops providing remarkable identification ranges of quarry.
The Dual eyepiece design reduces fatigue during extended periods of operations as well as enhancing the image to provide a clearer more refined image.
The users brain is conditioned to see visual information from both eyes at the same time therefore when using a single eyepiece monocular which is then removed from the eye the imbalance of light to the brain can often lead to the user becoming disorientated. With Accolade this is dramatically reduced.
  • User friendly interface
  • Three observation modes City Forest Identification
  • Three calibration modes Manual Semi automatic Automatic
  • Built in Wi Fi module Stream Vision Compatible integrated video recording
  • Eight colour palettes for enhanced observation
  • Variable interpupillary distance
  • Smooth and incremental digital zoom
  • Built in 1000m Laser Rangefinder
  • Frost resistant AMOLED display
  • Wide range of operating temperatures 25 C to 50 C
  • Dual eyepiece configuration
  • Long Detection Range with High Resolution Sensor
  • Fully Waterproof IPX7
  • Quick change long life rechargeable battery packs
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Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50
Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50
Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50