SmartRest Hyper Pod II

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Closed Length = 13 inches (33cm)

Fully Extended Length = 57 inches (1.45m)

Weight = 735 grams fully assembled

The Hyper Pod 2 is an intuitive design which was developed to combine the capabilities of the bi pod mono pod walking stick and the tripod. The Hyper Pod 2 can aid a shooter in 4 main field hunting positions which are prone sitting kneeling and standing. All positions have their benefits see hunting position manuals for more info on these positions. Any experienced hunter knows hunting is very different to target practice the body gets tired the nerves kick in the heart beats harder and breathing is so important. Not to mention natures elements are against you whether it s cold hot windy foggy raining or even ice it adds to the difficulty of taking the final shot. That s where Hyper Pod 2 comes in. The Hyper Pod 2 has been specifically designed for such occasions.

Hyper Pod 2 specializes in the following

1. Portability With the combination of an extremely light and strong carbon fibre pole and anodized alloy parts it helps the hunter trek to find his target with ease. The hunter can also opt to store the pole on the firearm where it tucks in under the arm and out of the way

2. Accuracy aid The use of a bi pod on the base eliminates the problematic wobble you would find in mono pods. However the use of one pole also defeats the portability issue you will experience with tripods. Thus the ideal combination we have put together creates the right amount of accurate support you need as well as keeping the unit very portable and light

3. Position Options All hunters know terrain can be tough. When challenged with sloping terrain or high grass steep inclines or declines side shots on a slope or across a valley when on a decline we know these shots are tough the Hyper Pod 2 can assist a nice accurate shot in all these situations. You can choose to lay prone sit kneel or stand to get the shot off there is no position or terrain the Hyper Pod 2 cannot handle

4. Extras See the bi pod listing and weaver rail listing for details on how handy these items are which are all included in your Hyper Pod 2 package

Uses of the Hyper Pod 2

  • Hunting/stalking in all terrains
  • Close Range use
  • Sighting in firearms

Advantages of the Hyper Pod 2

Enhanced shooting positions. Some positions a shooter will encounter where a standard bi pod cannot be used are

a On a steep slope where a shot needs to be taken across the valley. The ground falls away and thus gives a shooter nothing to rest on

b On a flat surface where a shot needs to be taken at an elevated target in the slopes

c On a fallen tree used as a bench the shot may need to be taken at a decline or incline

d In grassy fields the elevation is required to clear the grass to get a clear line of site the Hyper Pod 2 extends within seconds

e Compatible with lights Bi Pods and other weaver mounted devices. The Hyper Pod 2 offers a unique mounting weaver rail that is solid and reliable which can be used for other devices

Consistent Accuracy. The position in which the rifle is supported encourages consistency due to the floating nature of how the rifle is rested. Natural recoil is allowed to occur normally without experiencing muzzle blast deviation

Silent adjustability will not give away your position while setting up your shot

Enhanced Portability the Hyper Pod 2 allows a gun sling to be used as normal it does not get in the way it is light and it tucks in under the arm quite conveniently when not in use. The clever quick release and weaver design makes it easy to apply and remove when required

Fast and smooth elevation adjustments are done without losing sight of the acquired target

The structure being made predominantly carbon fibre and alloy is not only lightweight but also corrosion proof and easy to store when packed up

Great as a walking pole

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SmartRest Hyper Pod II
SmartRest Hyper Pod II
SmartRest Hyper Pod II