Express 12b HV Super/Max Game 70mm 36g No.AAA

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  • Fast consistent patterns
  • Full biodegradable driving wad and card obturator
  • Loaded on modern machinery unique to Lyalvale Express with pneumatic overpowder card seating for consistent ballistics
The Super Game Range of cartridges is our 70mm 2 3/4 game cartridge developed to meet the demands for a Game Cartridge which would achieve good patterns and velocity at long distances. Single base progressive powders ensure very low recoil and low pressures at very high velocities. These powders enable us to make Super Game cartridges for guns with minimum 70 mm 2 3/4in. chambers. The range is available in shot weights of 32 and 36 grams. The lead shot is made to our specifications at a specialist lead shot manufacturing facility and is continental sized for optimum lethality. The lead used in the Super Game cartridges is formulated specifically for Game shooting. The use of a full 4mm waxed overpowder card in the Fibre wad Supreme prevents any escape of pressure from the propellant thus ensuring that all the energy from the burn goes into driving the shot column thus achieving optimum velocity and unrivalled performance.
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Express 12b  HV Super/Max Game 70mm 36g No.AAA
Express 12b  HV Super/Max Game 70mm 36g No.AAA