Express 12b Super Game 70mm 36g No.5 (1375fps) Plastic Wad

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  • Optimum Speed
  • Wide choice of shot sizes
  • Plastic wad
The Super Game Range of Lyalvale Express Game Cartridges are designed to kill cleanly and effectively. All Super Game products are true 70mm cases 2 3/4 . The shot weights extend from 32gm 1 1/8 oz. to 50mm 42 gram 1 1/2 oz. cartridges these have been upgraded every year with the latest in all aspects from the primer to the shot and wad.All these cartridges are loaded with Vectan Powders made in Brittany France. The shot is made to our specifications at a specialist lead shot manufacturing facility. Quality control includes checking the Antimony and other hardener contents as well as sphericity and surface imperfections thus ensuring very uniform patterns for a clean kill. The plastic wad ensures a very efficient burn and protects the shot from deformation. The Plastic Wad is designed to protect the shot and open at the muzzle to prevent the wad from scattering the shot when the shot leaves the muzzle. The result of all the technical improvements is a range of superb cartridges made specifically for the Game enthusiast. Please consult separate pages for Express Special and Max Game Magnum 16 Gauge 20 Gauge 28 Gauge and 410 Bore cartridges.
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Express 12b  Super Game 70mm 36g No.5 (1375fps) Plastic Wad
Express 12b  Super Game 70mm 36g No.5 (1375fps) Plastic Wad