Express 16b Special Sixteen 30g (6) Fibre 65mm

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  • Our heaviest shot weight load for game.
  • True 65mm 2 1/2 inch cases.
  • Low head height for improved ejector operation
In 1991 the first 16 gauge cartridges were produced to satisfy the ever increasing demand for Lyalvale to produce the smaller gauge game cartridges. As with all Express products extensive research was carried out to determine the exact type of cartridge required by the game shooting fraternity. It was decided to produce a variety of shot loads a light load 25gm 7/8oz. cartridge in a true 2 1/2inch 65mm case for use in traditional English guns a slightly heavier 28gm 1 oz. for a more powerful cartridge and a 30 gram 1 1/16 high performance game load. All Express 16 gauge loads evolve around the proven combination of components used in all our cartridges. The propellant is Vectan manufactured in Brittany France to the exacting standards required by Lyalvale. The lead shot is manufactured to our specifications at a specialist lead shot manufacturing facility. Quality control of the shot includes checking the alloy and antimony content of the shot as well as for sphericity and surface imperfections. The cases used are manufactured in the EEC and are coloured Blue to distinguish them from other gauges. The 25gm fibre wad is a cartridge designed to meet the environmental requirements of todays gameshooter. The powerful 28gm is still available loaded with a plastic wad to ensure the longest ranges for the most demanding of quarry. Whilst the 30 gram 1 1/16 is a high performance fibre game load in 65mm 2 1/2 case designed to give the finest patterns at extreme ranges.
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