AccuPell FT© Pellets, Tin 500 8.64 Grains .177 (4.52mm Head) 772

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Webley AccuPell FT Pellets Tin 500 8.64 Grains .177 4.52mm Head Ultra Premium Pellets designed specifically for Target use where consistency and reliability is demanded. Treated with Napier Pellet Lube and supplied with specific head sizes. Featuring a Domed Head for great accuracy and penetration
AccuPell FT range has been designed where accuracy and consistency is critical. Webley has also teamed up with Napier and every AccuPell FT pellet is treated with Napiers Pellet Lube to ensure even greater accuracy and consistency. Manufactured to the tightest tolerances possible the AccuPell FT range will be a winner whether competing at your local club or in the World Championships. Head sizes available .177 4.52 .22 5.53.
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