Deerhunter Beaulieu Waistcoat - Chestnut

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Classic vest with two large front pockets for cartridges as well as a game pocket at the back. Hunters who walk many kilometres when hunting such as on partridge shoots with pointers or when snipe shooting prefer a thin shirt and a vest. This Beaulieu tweed shooting vest is perfect as it is breathable and water resistant and has all the pockets you need. Stylish and practical vest.
  • Waistcoat with suede details
  • Buttons at center front
  • 2 big front pockets with box pleat and rounded wide opening for easy access
  • Game pockets with long zip opening in both sides
  • Logo lining inside
  • Functional pockets with zip inside
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Deerhunter Beaulieu Waistcoat - Chestnut
Deerhunter Beaulieu Waistcoat - Chestnut