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  • Comes with 75 sounds, maximum of 500.
  • 10 Custom Sound Presets Store up to 10 custom sound presets with individual volume levels. Two quick access preset buttons are located on the side of the Crossfire remote
  • Dual Amplified Speakers Individually amplified horn (front) and cone (rear) speaker combination provides loud, crystal-clear audio and great frequency response.
The FOXPRO CROSSFIRE is portable, lightweight, and easy to operate. The CROSSFIRE comes standard with 75 high quality FOXPRO sounds and can hold up to 500 sounds. The CROSSFIRE features dual amplified speakers to deliver incredible volume. The front horn speaker handles your coyote vocalizations and common distress sounds with ease. The rear cone speaker handles the low frequency sounds such as bear growls, owl sounds and even mountain lion sounds. When combined, they deliver a crisp, clear, high quality and realistic sound. If you want even more volume, the CROSSFIRE allows you to connect two external speakers for incredible volume capabilities, has a charge jack, and auxiliary jack to connect an approved device such as a FoxJack decoy. The CROSSFIRE comes with the TX-505 remote control.

The TX-505 has an extra-large display screen, numeric keypad, FOXBANG technology, FOXFADE, and the capability of storing and playing up to 10 custom presets and sequences. FOXCAST allows you to pre-program up to 10 sequences where you can program the sounds, volume levels, durations and passages of silence for hands free operation throughout the entire stand. FOXFADE allows you to control the volume independently of two sounds playing at the same time. Use the A/V (Auto Volume) feature to allow the volume of a sound to slowly ramp up and then modulate up and down, leaving your hands free from making manual volume changes. The CROSSFIRE is backed by a 5 year limited warranty and FOXPRO's unmatched customer support and is proudly made in the USA.


1- Waterproof ? No this unit is not waterproof

2- The magpie call - is it the chattering sound ? Yes that is correct ( it is very effective)

3- Max remote range ? About 80-100 yards with line of sight but this will diminish with vegetation or geography in the way.

4- is it the wildfire 1 or 2 ? It is the wildfire 2 that we are selling currently.

5- battery duration on average use ? This varies significantly and depends on the quality of the battery and the volume of the call. You can use rechargeable AA batteries if you wish but this will reduce calling time. You could typically expect 20-40 hours of calling from a good quality set of batteries.

6- how to require extra calls other than the preloaded ? You can buy them from the Foxpro website or you can use any wav or mp3 file you already have or download from the internet.

7- warranty ? For the first 6 months Bushwear will warranty the product against manufacturing faults ( Not user damage e.g. water ingress, leaking batteries, impact damage etc). From six months to 12 months, we will make a small charge (usually £20) to return the unit to the USA where they will be able to effect a repair or replacement free of charge for products faults ( See exclusions above). Over 12 months or with user error related faults we can return

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High Performance Digital game and predator calls from the world leading brand. Handmade in the USA these calls feature custom high quality UK sounds lists to make sure you are successful in the field.
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