MTM Jammit Target Stand

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  • Convenient, lightweight, portable target stand
  • Packs down to a mere 3" x 4" x 17.5"
  • Weighs less than one pound.
Shooting practice and sighting in has never been easier The Jammit Target Stand is easy to setup and can be moved to different yardages offering unlimited possibilities for various shooting courses of fire. Designed for rifle and handgun shooters. Ideal for unleveled ground like the side of a hill. Holds target backer 24 off the ground and uses two stakes for mounting into the ground. Breaks down fast for compact storage and weighs less than 2lb. Includes cardboard target holder. Dimensions 17.5 x 2 x47 planted with target backer. Made of engineering grade plastic. All Jammit Target Stands can take a few hits 22 to 45 ACP and still be used. We have a stand that has been hit 22 times with 223 and is still working fine. Although a few hits in the vital area will take it out. So never let anyone shoot the stand itself.
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Mtm jammit stand

Easily assembled and robust not been able to try it yet due to COVID but will definitely do the job and thanks to bushwear for prompt service and dispatch

Target stand

A crackin piece if kit for the farm shooter. Pick your backstop, stick it in, back of your distance and Bob on. Use any old cardboard with stickers or targets. Well thought out, light and easy to use. 👍