Pulsar 2nd Hand Quantum XQ30V

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  • Frame Rate: 50Hz
  • Magnification: 2.5-10.0x
  • Horizontal Field of View: 12.4°
  • Detection Range: 900m
  • Thermal Sensor: 384x288 17µm
These pre loved second hand Pulsar s are in perfect working order and will provide a huge amount of mileage for the reduced price we re offering. Each of the models have been thoroughly examined for damage and bar a few tiny nicks and bruises are all in excellent condition.
The Quantum Lite has all the features found on the previous Quantum XQ Series but has a new objective lens. The Quantum Lite now offers unparalleled performance at its price point. Operating at a frame rate of 50Hz and using a 384x288 17 m thermal sensor the Quantum Lite produces a smooth detailed image.
Comes with The Quantum XQ30V carry case 2 DNV batteries and Charger
  • Frame Rate 50Hz
  • Magnification 2.5 10.0x
  • Horizontal Field of View 12.4
  • Detection Range 900m
  • Thermal Sensor 384x288 17 m

In brief the Quantum Lite Series Features
  • High Frame Rate
  • Stadiametric Rangefinder
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Display off Mode
  • Long Detection Range
  • 7 Colour Palettes
  • Two Second Start Up Time
  • Three Calibration Modes
  • Three Operating Modes
  • Video Out Port
  • Weaver Accessory Rail
  • Power Saving Modes
  • Frost Resistant AMOLED display

High Frame Rate At a high refresh rate of 50Hz the Trail series provides comfortable viewing throughout dynamic rapid motion.
Stadiametric Rangefinder Based on estimated heights of observed objects the stadiametric rangefinding reticle makes determining precise distances fast easy reliable and repeatable.
Wide Temperature Range With a frost resistant AMOLED display the Trail thermal imaging sight is designed to deliver flawless performance at an extreme temperature of 25 to 50 C
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Pulsar 2nd Hand Quantum XQ30V
Pulsar 2nd Hand Quantum XQ30V
Pulsar 2nd Hand Quantum XQ30V
Pulsar 2nd Hand Quantum XQ30V
Pulsar 2nd Hand Quantum XQ30V
Pulsar 2nd Hand Quantum XQ30V