Swarovski SLC 8X56

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SLC 8x56 W B Let there be light With the high luminosity SLC 8x56 model you will benefit from binoculars that offer exceptionally high transmission and you will be thrilled by their optics that have been optimized for night use with outstanding edge to edge sharpness and a large field of view. The extended depressions for improved grip and the balanced weight ensure maximum comfort when using them. THE EXPERIENCED EXPERT Hunting at dawn and dusk and over long distances poses particular challenges for both hunters and technology. The SLC 56 binoculars provide you with optimum support whatever the situation. These binoculars stand out thanks to their excellent HD optics for twilight use which provide impressive edge to edge sharpness. Excellent viewing comfort is ensured by the perfectly balanced weight and extended depressions that provide a good steady grip and prevent any feeling of fatigue when observing for hours on end.
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