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Washer Type Earth Anchor With 24" Wire

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  • Due to its solid insert this anchor can penetrate hard ground
  • Earth anchors for securing snares and trap
  • Ensure your snares comply with best practice and new legislative requirements by using ground anchors
Supplied with a 24 inch Crimped loop of wire they are ideally suited to soft ground and if necessary can be used in multiples. Do not use in stoney ground as this will damage the washer.

The use of earth anchors for securing snares and trap is not a new phenomenon they first appeared in 1943 and have been extensively used in the US and Canada by professional fur trappers ever since.

They are compact light to carry net and simple to use and a great alternative to traditional methods of securing snares and traps.

Over time they have evolved and developed into the many forms that are now available and are suitable for most types of ground.

Designed and developed by vastly experienced gamekeepers in Scotland these anchors have been extensively tested to ensure reliable performance.
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