Elgeeco New Larsen Trap

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  • Can be set on its side or upright.
  • Dimensions: 410 mm x 410 mm x 460 mm.
  • Note: Perch not included with this item.
The Elgeeco Crow and Magpie trap can be set on its side or upright.
Setting on or off the ground with an imitation nest with eggs or flesh carrion is good for catching decoy birds.
Another good method for catching individual birds is to set the trap upright within a shallow dug hole.
Birds are more likely to enter the Elgeeco trap because they feel they can hop on and off the perch and leave through the open top or the opposite open side.
Camouflaging can make these traps almost undetectable and less likely to be stolen.
Includes user instructions.

Dimensions Set
410 mm x 410 mm x 460 mm
16 ins x 16 ins x 18 ins
50 mm x 50 mm x 3.0 mm
Welded square mesh
Zinc plated
2..0 Kilos

Now black coated not silver.
Please note that the perch does not come with this item and there will be a 5.95 delivery charge.
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