Thermbright Coyote Passive Thermal Target

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The introduction of Thermal technology into the civilian market has revolutionised vermin control but has led to a couple of unique problems.

Zeroing a Thermal Scope Finding a warm point of aim resulted in some very innovative workarounds. ThermBright produce passive thermal targets for the MOD using closely guarded technology. The target s do not need power or a heat source they simply need a slight incline towards the sky and the material will react producing a perfect thermal signature night or day.

Target Recognition With thermal you are literally looking at the heat signature this view of the world can be very disorienting and it is absolutely vital to train and familiarise yourself with this perspective. ThermBright produce a life size K9 Predator silhouette target that will help fox controllers practice until it becomes second nature.

The target material is exceptionally durable and can be left out exposed to the elements they are designed to withstand extensive military training so your average civilian rifle shooter will get months if not years of use the thermal repair patches will extend this working life even further.

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Thermbright Coyote Passive Thermal Target
Thermbright Coyote Passive Thermal Target