Zeiss ZEISS DTI 6/40
Zeiss ZEISS DTI 6/40

Zeiss ZEISS DTI 6/40

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  • Identify more details with excellent image quality
  • Especially suited for use in the open field
  • Exceptional viewing experience with ZSIP Pro
  • Best in Class Operating Ergonomics
  • State of the art 640x480 12 micron thermal sensor
  • Up to 2000m detection range
When watching wildlife in the dark, you have to recognise every detail to be able to reliably identify your species, and success largely depends on the optical quality of the thermal imaging camera.
The new ZEISS DTI 6 thermal imaging monocular offers unprecedented image quality that allows you to recognise an exceptional level of detail – the innovative smart image processing Pro algorithm developed by ZEISS (ZSIP Pro), in combination with the 640 x 480 sensor with 12 micron pixel pitch, 3x optical mag, and the 1024 x 768 HD AMOLED display, delivers high-contrast and detailed images.
The ZEISS DTI 6/40 has been designed specifically for use in the open field and, with a range of up to 2 km and 3x optical magnification, ensures that details are easily identifiable, even at longer distances.
The fine zoom settings in increments of 0.1x with an optical magnification of 3.0x and then up to 10× digital zoom to ensure that you can see the maximum amount of detail. The specially developed eyepiece with a large subjective field of view is shaped like a pair of binoculars and even offers eyeglass wearers a particularly comfortable viewing experience and 100% field of view. The battery lasts for 6.5 hours in continuous operation and can be easily replaced with pre-charged batteries while on the hunt. Identify individual details even more reliably in order to more quickly and reliably identify your target – for maximum hunting success.
ZEISS Smart Image Processing Pro (ZSIP Pro)
When hunting or observing wildlife at night, sophisticated technology is required in order to identify targets with a high degree of accuracy using a thermal imaging camera. The image processing process plays a critical role in achieving exceptional image quality. With this in mind, ZEISS is introducing ZEISS Smart Image Processing Pro – an algorithm that uses a three-step optimization process to create a clear, detailed image for the viewer from a raw sensor image to ensure that hunters can recognize the maximum amount of detail. In addition to processing the sensor output signal, ZSIP Pro optimizes how the thermal image is displayed in two ways.
On the one hand, to achieve the perfect contrast, it first divides the full image into several sections of equal size, then optimizes the contrast of each section individually in order to display the best possible image in each section. The algorithm then reassembles the results of the respective sections into a complete, fully optimized single image. On the other hand, ZSIP Pro detects and enhances the visualization of individual heat sources so that game clearly stands out from the dark background with high contrast.
Highly Customizable
Every situation is different, and every user has personal preferences, needs, and strategies for achieving success. The ZEISS DTI 6 is perfectly equipped for this - with numerous configuration options, you can customize the thermal imaging camera to make the DTI 6 your very own. From selecting your preferred zoom speed to adjusting the duration of the stand-by timer and the LED configuration to creating your own color palettes, the DTI 6 can be customized to suit your specific needs.
Personal settings can be saved to up to four observation profiles so that you are equipped for any situation.

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