Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX - Wide Field Boots

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  • Liner: GORE-TEX.
  • Upper: Waxed Leather.
  • Mid-Sole: Semi-Rigid.
The Dovre has been our best selling Meindl boot for many years for one simple reason it is a fantastic all rounder. A great height for trudging through damp muddy conditions rigid yet flexible to give support when needed comfortable straight out of the box and of course totally waterproof and dependable. This boot gets a thoroughly earned BushApproved stamp.

  • Height 26cm
  • Weight 980g
  • Liner GORE TEX
  • Upper Waxed Leather
  • Mid Sole Semi Rigid
  • Sole Vibram Multigriff
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Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX - Wide Field Boots
Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX - Wide Field Boots

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Very good boots

After having problems with getting wellies and spending a lot of money on them then sending them back because getting wet feet I decided
to spend that money on getting the meindl tall boots and I’m happy with them was a bit still walking in them but after a few dog walks and muddy paths they fit and feel brill and have dry feet ..
so I would happily say !
Highly recommend them


Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX - Wide Field Boots


Very impressed with these boots. I’ve owned a number of Meindl boots over the years and these are without exception one of the best. The quality is excellent, fit and comfort are what I’ve come to expect from a pair of Meindl leather boots. They need a bit more breaking in but so far my feet are warm and dry.
Bush Wear’s customer service was excellent and the boots delivered very promptly. I will definitely shop here again.

Meindl Dovre Extreme

Wore the boots for the first time on a walk over the Yorkshire moors. Very rough and boggy ground and a cold damp day, but the boots coped with it easily. Feet stayed dry and warm throughout.

Wet feet

Had two pairs of these boots for a year. They kept my feet dry for the first three months, then leaked a little a bit, but after 12 months leaking a lot not water proof at all now despite waxing them often, not worth the money. My advice is buy a good boot not a named brand.