With over 100 years of history in the rugged New Zealand outdoors, the iconic Swanndri brand consistently produces rugged, functional hunting clothing that keep you warm and comfortable no matter the weather. 

Founded in 1913 by William Broome who produced a wool ‘bush shirt.’ Although Broome was a tailor, he noticed that farmers and forestry workers of the time were not equipped for the tough conditions of Taranaki winters, and that’s what inspired him to create the first Swanndri bush shirt or “Swanni”. The first bush shirt, had a collar and short sleeves and was treated with a secret formula which made the water roll of the back of the garment like water did off a Swan, and hence the name, Swanndri. 

Now the same design philosophy has been applied with other modern material like fleece to round out an outstanding collection of shooting and stalking clothing for any job outdoors.

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