Trace Flexible Deer Sled

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  • Heavy Duty HDPE Flexible sled
  • Unrolls in second and Weighs just 3.5lbs.
  • Integral sturdy straps and buckles
A heavy duty HDPE flexible sled which rolls up and can be easily carried into the field weighing just 3.5lbs. The sled unrolls and is ready to use in seconds the highly durable HDPE is easy to clean and is strong enough to take the abuse of dragging some serious animals over grasses and light Non hard rock/gravel track terrain. The integral sturdy straps and buckles secure the carcass during transport. 185 x 82 cm
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Trace Flexible Deer Sled
Trace Flexible Deer Sled

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Does the job but could be better

I wanted a simple portable sled for dragging Fallow out of places I can’t get the vehicle to. Upside it’s well made and the main strap is very sturdy. Downside the thing is like a coiled spring you can’t stretch it out flat without putting large stones on it. It’s then a wrestling match to get the deer on. The side straps are too short and overengineered with clamping buckles instead of Velcro I have replaced them with parrachord. Why can’t it just lay flat then you roll it up and put the belt round it to store it, I am considering staking it flat and pouring boiling water over it to reduce the auto curl


Trace Flexible Deer Sled

Easy dragging

First stalking outing With the Trace flexible deer sled. Managed to take a fallow pricket and decided to use the sled as the ground was very wet and there was a reasonable distance to drag back to the vehicle.
Once I’d got the deer into the sled which was a bit of a battle, we were off.
The plastic is very slippery and stiff, it glides over grass, mud, gravel and ditches easily without tipping over with the carcass as free from contamination as when I loaded it.
I’d highly recommend it for ease of extraction and carcass hygiene.
Tested in a lowland woodland


Fantastic service

Didn't get a deer but it'll move the mrs

It's a study thing and would do the job no doubt if I had managrd to drop a deer, but I did make the Mrs play a deer and dragged her round the local park in it, worked a treat. Buy one they are great