Grubs Grubs Highline Wellington Boots In Green

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Following the success of the Grubs Rainline the new Grubs Highline follows the same principle of offering a full rubber shafted boot but incorporating an adjustable clasp to the upper boot to ensure a good fit to most calf sizes. This adjustment being necessary as the full rubber shaft will not expand the same as the full Neoprene upper boots that form the basis of most Grubs Boots The rubber upper is matched with the TRAK outsole with it s distinctive tractor like tread pattern that provides excellent grip in mud or snow. It also has a prominent heel to provide good braking characteristics. The heel also incorporates a HEXZORB insert. This cushions the impact to the heel when walking. As with all Grubs Boots the Highline incorporates insulation in the footbed which adds to the cushioning feature of the Hexzorb insert to provide a boot with a comfort range between 10 degC to 30 degC. The Grubs Highline will be perfect for Dog Walking and general use on most ground conditions
Features of The Grubs Highline Wellington Boots in Green
  • Removable 6mm NITROCELL footbed A nitrogen bubble structure increases the cushioning and insulation properties of the boots foot bed
  • SUPER DRI lining
  • Natural Rubber Shell
  • Also Featuring the new TRAK outer sole
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