Pulsar Thermion XP38 Thermal Scope

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  • Frame Rate: 50Hz
  • Magnification: 1.5-12.0x
  • Horizontal Field of View: 16.3
  • Detection Range: 1350m
  • Thermal Sensor: 17µm

The Thermion is the most revolutionary thermal imaging weapon scope from Pulsar to date. The Thermion combines some of the latest thermal technology into a day scope style design. Consisting of five models the XM30 XM38 and XM50 which feature a 320x240 12 micro m thermal sensor and the XP38 and XP50 which feature a 640x480 17 micro m thermal sensor which relay to a 1024x768 AMOLED display which offers a true HD experience giving you improved detail and excellent thermal accuracy.

Thermion models have extreme optical capabilities with some models reaching up to a 2300m detection range and capable of up to 22.0x magnification 4x digital zoom .

With a magnesium alloy bodyshell recoil rated up to .375 H amp H 12 Gauge and 9.3x64 6000 joules and a protection rating of IPX7 the Thermion Thermal Imaging Weapon Scope Series are incredibly robust and can perform in temperatures of 25 to 50 .

Mounting Thermion units has been made easy with their design being compatible with standard 30mm scope rings requiring no specialised tools or equipment.

The Thermion has incredibly intuitive controls with substantially sized lens focus and dioptre adjustment rings for better grip and identification as well as centralised operational buttons that control recording power instant on/off and zoom.

Users can make fast adjustments to the Thermions settings through the conveniently located controller dial. The Thermion has a variety of customisation settings such as a wide array of adjustable reticles 8 colour modes and zeroing profile management that stores up to 5 zeroing profiles with 10 distance coordinates so the shooter can make quick rifle change outs and on the fly adjustments.

Picture in Picture PiP mode displays a magnified image at the top centre of the display screen taking up only 10 of the overall field of view. This zoomed in additional display offers the shooter the ability to hone in on a target while still maintaining the greater scene maximising situational awareness.

Using on board WiFi and the Stream Vision App the Thermion can connect to a smartphone or tablet for use as a secondary screen or remote control option. Other features include transferring photos amp videos adjusting device settings motion detection ballistic calculations and live streaming to online platforms. All in device recording is saved to the Thermions 16GB internal memory.

The Thermion Series uses a dual power system consisting of an internal built in battery and an external quick change APS2 power source. Users can run Thermions on both battery packs for a combined run time or independently. The external APS2 battery pack included can be swapped out for an APS3 battery pack sold separately which will provide an even longer run time. The Thermion comes supplied with a spare extended turret cap which can be quickly exchanged for when using the larger APS3 battery. Thermion units will always run off the external battery first and the internal battery second.

New revolutionary electronics mean that Thermion units can Instantly start up from power saving Display Off mode. This quick start up helps to save energy and thus prolongs operation time

The built in accelerometer/gyroscope helps aid shooters by notifying them of cant greater than 5 as well as performing an auto shutdown when in a non firing/resting position for further power conservation.

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