BushWear Panther Folding Highseat

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  • Maximum load of 20 stone.
  • Folds down to just 1.3m, and erects in seconds.
  • Measures 2.5m to seat when erected.
We are proud to offer a folding one man aluminium highseat weighing less than 13kg erected in under a minute adjustable shooting rail. We have made the formerly prohibitively expensive folding highseat now accessible to the budget of the average stalker. For the first time a lightweight aluminium folding seat is now at a price that competes directly with traditional steel highseats offering all of the advantages of a lightweight movable model without the price tag.
With a super light and strong aluminium construction it weighs in at just 12.5kg folds down to just 1.3m and erects in seconds with no removable parts to lose and no tools required to erect adjust or dissemble. Measures 2.5m to seat when errected. Compact lightweight and quick this highseat is the very essence of high mobility small enough to fit in the back of an average car or quad bike and light enough to carry into your hunting area on foot. The Panther will take a maximum load of 20 stone. We all have areas best suited to a highseat but often it would not be prudent to leave the seat there overnight. This solution allows you to stalk in quickly and quietly erect the chair enjoy your sport then simply fold up and walk out again.
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