Meindl AirActive Insoles

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  • Available in UK sizes 7-14.
  • Insole adjusts perfectly to the shape of your foot.
  • Cushions the entire sole.
Meindl s AirActive insoles are available in UK sizes 7 14. The insole adjusts perfectly to the form of your foot and cushions the entire sole.
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Customer Reviews

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The Best

I made the mistake of trying to buy cheaper insoles and threw two pairs away before buying Meindl ones for my Meindl boots. Perfect fit and comfortable. Well worth the price.

Meindl Insoles

Excellent quality insoles, my last pair lasted years

Meindl air active insoles

Absolutely brilliant worth every penny made my boots feel brand-new again

Great service

Easy ordering, arrived promptly, all round great service

My Insole Of Choice For Walking Shoes/Boots

I first discovered Meindl Air Active insoles when I bought a pair of Meindl boots, and they are now my insole of choice for all my walking footwear. I find the felt on the bottom of the insole is great for insulating my feet in winter, and for keeping them relatively cool in the summer. The insole is a good compromise between comfort and providing a reasonably firm and stable foot bed. They are also lightweight, unlike insoles which use a lot of gel, and they are fairly low volume.
The pair of insoles I have just bought have gone into a new pair of Keen Targhee III walking shoes and are a definite improvement on the thin, cheap insole that comes with the shoes. The insoles are easy to trim to size and shape, just overlay the insole that came out of the footwear over the Meindl one , mark round the outside of the original insole, and use sharp scissors to cut to size. In fact, I also have to do this with my replacement Meindl boot insoles as the originals were stamped "10 and a half", although it seems Meindl only supply replacement insoles in full sizes, so I have to buy a size 11 and trim them to size.
Service from Bushwear was excellent, and delivery was quick. I will happily use this company again in the future.