Express 12b Max Game Steel 4 (76mm) 36g Plastic Wad

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  • Loaded in a specially manufactured plastic wad
  • Express steel shot wads are always underfilled to ensure shot has no contact with gun barrel
  • Express steel shot is made from soft iron and its hardness conforms to CIP specifications
The range of Lyalvale Express Steel Shot Cartridges has been designed to approximate the performance of Express Lead Shot Cartridges. The powders are made in France by the Nobel Sport Group to the very highest standards of consistency and cleanliness. The powder is a single base fine flake powder which will burn at low pressures required by Steel Shot cartridges. The Plastic Wad is designed specifically for Steel Shot with very thick walls to protect the barrels. The petals of the wad are so designed as to open approximately three metres from the muzzle allowing the pattern to form and increasing the protection factor to the barrels of the gun The Steel used in the manufacture of our cartridges has been specifically formulated to conform with the requirements for softness laid down in the C.I.P regulations. No other manufacturer can match the exacting requirements of shot except for Express. The new Supreme Steel cartridge has been developed to increase the range of the standard hunting load without increasing recoil by the use of a new formulation of powder unique to Express. Our experience in manufacturing Steel Shot Cartridges over the past decade have made Express Cartridges the most popular in Europe. All machinery used by us to produce Steel Shot Cartridges is specifically designed for the purpose by Europes leading loading machine manufacturers to ensure the best computerised quality control of every cartridge. Our range of Hunting Steel Shot cartridges extends from 28 grams 1oz. for Small Game shooting to High performance 3 36 grams 1 1/4 oz. cartridges. All are readily available and conform to the current European C.I.P regulations.
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Express  12b Max Game Steel 4 (76mm) 36g Plastic Wad
Express  12b Max Game Steel 4 (76mm) 36g Plastic Wad