Express 12b Super Light 24g 7.5 Fibre 65mm (1375fps)

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  • Low recoil, fast consistent patterns
  • Full biodegradable driving wad and card obturator
  • Loaded on modern machinery unique to Lyalvale Express with pneumatic overpowder card seating for consistent ballistics
The High Velocity Range of Lyalvale Express Biodegradable Fibre Cartridges has been designed to approximate the ballistics of Express Plastic Wadded High Velocity Cartridges. This allows sportsmen that are required to shoot only biodegradable cartridges to enjoy their sport without any loss of performance. To this end we use only the best available components. The case is red and made in the EEC. The powder is made in France by the Nobel Sport Group to the very highest standards of consistency and cleanliness. The powder is a single base fine flake powder which will burn at low pressures required by Fine English Guns. In fact the powder utilised in these cartridges is one of the slowest burning of the Vectan range to ensure the lowest pressures consistent with a clean burn. We use Selected Shot for our Competition Range. This ensures optimum patterns and performance for each type of shooting. All our shot is made in the EEC and of the highest quality. The Card Obturator in our High Velocity cartridges is of 4 mm thickness rather than the usual 2.5 or 3. This ensures good obturation which enhances the efficiency of the powder. The Fibre wad used is waxed as is the Card Obturator to protect the barrels of fine English shotguns.
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