Macwet Winter Shooting Gloves Long Cuff

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  • The synthetic fibres used for the MacWet gloves has natural 'wicking' properties.
  • The MacWet wind blocker shelters your hands from the cold.
  • Available in Black or Green.
Aquatec non slip material on the front with Gore Windstopper on the back. Water resistant and very warm.
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Measure across base of fingers-CM

  Size    S M L XL XXL
Hand width  (cm)   7.5/8     8.5/9     9.5/10     10.5/11     11.5/12  

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Service first class. Gloves brilliant and very warm. Will definitely shop again

Macwet winter gloves

Poor fit and keep hands cold, can feel the wind come through them. Measured hands as described and gloves are still baggy with thumb and fingers to long causing issues when loading gun. These are definitely not a winter glove

wet mac gloves

good for shooting, good trigger feel, velcro cuff could be improved would be better with elasticated cuff.

Macwet Gloves

Bought as a gift for my mother, to replace a previous pair of the same gloves. She must be happy with them or she wouldn't of asked for the same again. Think her old pair were about 5 years old (used most days for walking dogs) before they gave up.

Mac wet gloves

Good fit and comfortable, no need to remove when reloading etc