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  • Bag, eyepiece cover, carrying strap leather included
  • Produces bright images even in poor light conditions
  • Ideal for mountain hunting
  • Lightweight and excellent field of view
  • High-contrast, vivid images with outstanding transmission values
Habicht 10x40 W Strong for their size As a conventional lightweight pair of binoculars the Habicht model offers impressive technical specifications. Even the use of the Porro design reflected the desire for greater detail recognition which is provided with the 10x magnification. A FOND TRADITION The traditional form of observation. The Habicht model is the classic optical system that has been tried and tested and continually developed for generations. The high contrast vivid images it produces with outstanding transmission values are what make it so popular. The sturdy light alloy housing makes these binoculars particularly suitable for hunting in the mountains.
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A true classic

I love these binoculars. I have two of the very latest and best (and expensive) models of 10x32 and 10x42 binoculars. I was hoping that these would replace one of those and save me some money. Well, no - they aren't noticeably brighter than the very best roof prisms, they're a little more fussy to use, have a narrower FOV, and have slightly more CA on really challenging targets. The only practical area that they beat the very best alpha roofs is on weight - being noticeably lighter than any top tier 10x42.
BUT, they're still very good optically. So good, that I'm happy to use them on a daily basis. And they have a classic character that the modern roofs can't match - like using a piece of optical history (albeit with the best modern coatings). The lack of armour doesn't bother me - I've invested a couple of additional quid in a pair of rubber tethered objective lens caps, which provide some protection in the area most likely to hit the ground first, and I'm happy. They give me a joy to carry and use that's different from my other binoculars - so, I'm keeping all three pairs, at least for now.
So, if you want a classic instrument that still performs very well, or a lightweight binocular that gives you most of the performance of the very best at less than half the price (and you don't wear glasses), then give these a very close look.