Takaje Vacuum Sealing Machine

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  • Traditional vaccum chamber for vac packing food.
  • Comes with unique patented system that allows you to recreate a vacuum in any glass container.
  • Really easy to clean, faster suction speed and an inner tray to protect the unit from excess liquid.
Takaje Vacuum Machine
We are pleased to launch the New Takaje Vacuum Machine from Trespade of Torino in Northern Italy.
This Vacuum Machine opens up a whole new concept in Vacuum Packing Food Preservation. Not only is it a superb beautifully designed Vacuum Machine but it also has a unique new patented system that enables you to re create a vacuum inside any Jam Jar or glass container. This enables you to vac pac a whole range of products within glass containers or to extend the life of products such as jams chutneys by sucking the air back out of the jars when storing after use. Whether you Vac Pack into bags or containers you can extend the storage times of foods by 3 to 5 times.
The Takaje......Takaje is a dialect word from the Piedmontese area of Italy which means it s the right one we ve succeeded .....is made entirely in Italy using parts sourced from within 100km radius of Torino.
The Takaje features
Traditional Vacuum Chamber for vac packing foods in Embossed bags vac rolls....improved in size really easy to clean faster suction speed secure sealing and an inner tray which protects the unit from excess liquids.
Sealing Rod 33cm with high heat resistance 3mm in thickness
Max depression 800mbar
Suction 16 l/m
Dimensions 36 5x18 5x8 cm

The Takaje is supplied with a starter pack of approx .50 Vacuum Bags and two Takaje Jar Sealing Caps.
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